Genni Tommasi

Genni Tommasi is a master weaver, designer, and musician. She founded the famous weaving workshop Tommasi Loom Works in 2012 in Lucca, Italy.

The visual art for sale at Art Gallery Linn is handmade textile work made from wool yarn, cotton thread and recycled silk. The warp thread has been covered with mineral protection which provides a physical blocking of UV rays which preserves the colours. The frame is handmade from ayous wood and treated with resin. Ayous wood is a good material for quality frames for oil paintings, drawings and watercolours.

In the heart of Lucca, a city with a centuries-old tradition of hand-weaving and which was a crossroad for the thousand-year-old Silk Road, Tommasi Loom Works was founded where the ancient art of hand-weaving is still carried out and developed. The charm of Tommasi Loom Works comes from contrasts, from the meeting between artisan tradition and modern design, between an ancient primitive dexterity and a creativity from modern artistic stimulation. This is an authentic beauty factory.

The head of the weaving workshop is the musician Genni Tommasi, who from a past as a harpist and composer has become an exceptionally skilled designer and craftsman. She has translated her artistic and musical sensibility into weaving, creating between harp and handloom a close connection made of continuous harmonic and aesthetic references. The loom is a means of conveying her great creativity; it is an instinctive yet elaborate form that combines both harmony and composition.

All works are designed and produced as unique works; clean lines that highlight the intense and vibrant energy of material beauty. Weaving makes the yarn the most central component in her work when it is refined into a material form. Silk, hemp and natural fibers dyed with pigments from vegetables and hand-spun yarn are mixed with modern materials such as metal fibers and metallic threads to produce textile works that are processed into clothing collections, fine art and everyday textiles.