Michael Rieu

The sculptor and painter Michael Rieu is born in the city Haarlem in the Netherlands. He lives and works in Vågsbygd in Kristiansand.

Michael Rieu is known for his characteristic "heads". Recurring motifs in his art are head shape, faces, marked chins and noses. The head can symbolize knowledge and science, cognition and the thinking human being. The head, which is separated from the human body, gives a powerful presence in space when it looks blindly at what was and what is to come.

Rieu loves to alternate between different art techniques. One day he is working on a sculpture, and the next on a painting or lithograph.

He has extensive experience as a sculpture with various stones such as Italian Carrara marble, Brazilian Royal Blue marble, Portuguese marble, Badiglio marble, and Norwegian larvikite. Larvikitt is a rock known for its beautiful color play, it is Norway's national rock, and it is mined in Norway on a large scale. Michael Rieu loves hard stones but treats them with soft senses.

Rieu searches for and finds stones for his sculptures on the shore in Kristiansand. The waves and the friction between stone and water have often created their own sculpture. The stone has got its own life. Rieu's job is to work with the stone and bring out more of this life.

He also shapes sculptures in metals such as bronze and stainless steel. He is also a skilled draftsman and painter. Rieu uses art techniques such as acrylic, watercolor, lithography and ink drawing.

Rieu's works have been purchased by museums in France and the Netherlands, and by the United Nations (UN) where works are housed in the United Nations Memorial Parc in South Korea. He has had exhibitions in France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Italy, in addition to many exhibitions in Norway. The sculptures displayed in Art Gallery Linn are perfect in a garden, in a sculpture park or in an entrance area.

Michael Rieu is inspired by i.a. Constantin Brâncusi, Alberto Giacometti, Amadeo Modiglian and Willem de Kooning.