Uzay Karov

Uzay Karov (b. 1962) was born in Bulgaria and trained as a sculptor at Norrköping Art School in Sweden. Karov worked in Sweden for 11 years, before moving to Norway. He has lived in Kristiansand since 2001.

The motifs in his paintings vary from the figurative to the abstract. Karov accentuates light as his strongest tool for telling about experiences and impressions. He works with various materials such as wood, glass, ceramics, epoxy, metal, and oil paints.

Art Gallery Linn sells both sculptures and paintings by Karov. The bronze sculptures Metamorphosis 1 and Metamorphosis 2 show abstract female bodies, which with proper lighting cast beautiful sculptural shadows.

Karov has been purchased by foundations and art societies, and he has decorated Ljuraparken in Sweden. He was accepted at the 2022 Southern Exhibition.