Anne Vilsbøll

Anne Vilsbøll (b. 1951) is a Danish visual artist, installation artist, curator and author who specializes in handmade paper as her artistic means of expression. She is an art graduate in Denmark, France, and the United States. Today she lives and works alternately in Copenhagen, the south of France and India.

Vilsbøll learned paper production at colleges in the United States and for more than 30 years she has continuously developed her knowledge of handmade paper as an artistic medium. She seeks to penetrate the secrets of handmade paper based on traditions in Europe and Asia, and she has worked in several European and Asian paper mills. She has published several books, articles and essays on paper and paper production.

Her artistry is the result of innovative and inspiring research on the hidden potential of the paper. She makes her own handmade paper, which she paints and forms sculpturally. Handmade paper and materiality are a red thread in her artistry in which she constructs from chaos to give us visions of a metaphysical world. She creates a bridge between past and present.

Her works has an experimental quality as they are created in an ongoing research process on the materiality of wood pulp and finished handmade paper. She mainly paints abstract shapes on her own handmade paper, giving the colors a rich, vibrating life. Her art is constantly changing as she works. 

Anne says "I have tremendous freedom to choose, and I always examine the world and its diversity. I'll keep doing it as long as I can."

She also works as an installation artist in the public space with large-scale productions. Her more intimate work in Art Gallery Linn shows intuition, sensibility and texture. The colors are bright, energetic and are built from the inside to abstract compositions. These paintings show her ability to alter between saturation-transparency, gloss-matte, light-dark, shade without dilution, dispersion, and tactility.

"Color is not only to be, it is to be savored, observed and collected but the pigment is also to be "touched" in her paintings."

Vilsbøll has participated in a large number of exhibitions in museums in the United States and Europe, and she collaborates with many galleries. She is also a professor of French and art history. Anne Vilsbøll is a visiting professor and guest lecturer at art colleges, design schools and art museums in several countries. She co-founded IAPMA, the International Association of Paper Artists and Hand Papermakers in 1986, editor from 1986 to 1992 and president from 1996 to 1990.

Anne Vilsbøll is inspired by i.a. Georgia O'Keeffe, Karen Blixen, historical legends, myths and philosophy.