Genni Tommasi

Genni Tommasi is a master weaver, designer, and musician. She founded the famous weaving workshop Tommasi Loom Works in 2012 in Lucca, Italy.

Sara De Christopher

Sara De Christopher is an American painter and abstract expressionist from Los Angeles, USA. She has worked in the US and Europe for over 30 years. In addition, she is a skilled designer. She is an art graduate of California State University, Los Angeles.

Anne Vilsbøll

Anne Vilsbøll (b. 1951) is a Danish visual artist, installation artist, curator and author who specializes in handmade paper as her artistic means of expression. She is an art graduate in Denmark, France, and the United States. Today she lives and works alternately in Copenhagen, the south of France and India.

Inge Jensen

Inge Jensen (b. 1961) was born in Mo i Rana in Norway. He currently has his studio at Blaker near Lillestrøm. He has had a number of exhibitions at in Norway and abroad and is represented in private and public collections. Inge Jensen graduated from the Norwegian Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen 1979-1983 in painting and graphics.

Dag Telhaug

Dag Telhaug (b. 1950) is a landscape painter specializing in maritime motifs. He seeks motifs and templates where he was born and raised in Spangereid right by the sea, 9 km from Lindesnes Lighthouse. Telhaug lives in Spangereid.

Michael Rieu

The sculptor and painter Michael Rieu is born in the city Haarlem in the Netherlands. He lives and works in Vågsbygd in Kristiansand.