Our Artists

Marius Martinussen

Marius Martinussen shows a collection of his latest abstract paintings. The exhibition, "Prisms, Portals and Curtains," explores complex geometric shapes, light reflections, and dynamic colour combinations. Martinussen’ s works, known for their prism-like diamonds, abstracted window curtains, and profound tunnel visions, invite the viewer to immerse themselves in a world of visual richness and discovery. Each painting challenges our perceptions of space and light, creating a unique aesthetic experience that touches both the senses and the imagination.

Magne Myhren

Magne Myhren paints outdoor paintings and sketches along streams and riverbeds. These form the basis for studio paintings. When Myhren lacks information for the studio paintings, he goes out into the woods to draw or paint details that he can use in the larger works.

G.C. Pettersen

G.C. Pettersen prefers to paint with oil and to paint motifs from reality. In recent years, G.C. Pettersen's work has shown elements of nature; in still life and landscapes, and in paintings that are a cross between those types of motifs. Sometimes the works are painted indoors and sometimes outdoors.

Dag Telhaug

Dag Telhaug lives right by the sea in Spangereid, a short distance from the famous lighthouse at Lindesnes. A one hour drive from Kristiansand. Telhaug is a renowned landscape painter. He draws his main inspiration from the sea, for his naval and maritime motifs, where he paints at Lindesnes, Lista and Jæren. Telhaug depicts the southern coastal landscape and marine landscapes with varied sea bays, beaches, rivers, islets, reefs, and bird life. He conveys the mood, light, and nature in a harmonious way. The waves, the horizon, the weather, and the high sky above the surface of the water give the sea a changing face.

Sara De Christopher

Sara De Christopher is an American painter and abstract expressionist from Los Angeles, USA. She has alternated between working in the USA and Europe for over 30 years. De Christopher is also a skilled designer. She is an art graduate at California State University, Los Angeles, USA.

Inge Jensen

Inge Jensen (b. 1961) was born in Mo i Rana. He has his studio at Blaker near Lillestrøm. Jensen was educated at Vestlandets Kunstakademi in Bergen (1979-1983) in painting and printmaking.

Ratko Drezgic

Ratko Drezgic (b. 1977) was born in Croatia and has lived and worked in Serbia for the past 20 years. Drezgic was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade. He was apprenticed to the famous Serbian painter Milorad Stanojev Sirajski.

Fungal Gaze - Eskedal, Lindblom & Gravdahl

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