Inge Jensen

Inge Jensen (b. 1961) was born in Mo i Rana in Norway. He currently has his studio at Blaker near Lillestrøm. He has had a number of exhibitions at in Norway and abroad and is represented in private and public collections. Inge Jensen graduated from the Norwegian Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen 1979-1983 in painting and graphics.

Jensen paints with oil paint which he mixes with marble dust. He builds the painting into a sculptural surface. There are clear references to the basic elements of nature and to nature experiences. The surface forms a base that contrasts with the often organic, autonomous life of the processed surface. He achieves this by creating a tension between the underlying colors and the upper colored layers of the painting. Jensen's mysterious motives are ambiguous. The action in the painting can take place in the forest or under water, at dusk or at night.

Jensen is a skilled colorist. The first encounter with his works gives the feeling of experiencing something beautiful or seductive, with a magical atmosphere. But the beautiful and seductive do not exist without their contradictions, and it is the work of exploring and processing the contrasts between these contradictions that characterizes Inge Jensen's art.

In his work displayed in Art Gallery Linn, Jensen has used the painting technique pastos where he has applied thick layers of oil-based paint on the painting's surface. In the works, the paint is in voluminous layers as in a relief. Due to the uneven surface, the light is reflected in a way that creates dramatic light and shadow effects.

Jensen was inspired by neo-expressionism in the 1980s and by painters such as Per Kirkeby and Anselm Kiefer. In the 80s, each individual artist sought to convey his or her own subjective interpretation, or experience of life and oneself in it. Towards the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s, Inge Jensen developed a more abstract design language, expressed through a clear materiality and with clear references to nature and the basic elements of nature.