G.C. Pettersen

G.C. Pettersen prefers to paint with oil and to paint motifs from reality. In recent years, G.C. Pettersen's work has shown elements of nature; in still life and landscapes, and in paintings that are a cross between those types of motifs. Sometimes the works are painted indoors and sometimes outdoors.

The process leading up to finished works varies. Sometimes G.C. Pettersen knows little in advance of the process and sometimes the artist has planned. Regardless of the method, the artist always discovers new things along the way. G.C. Pettersen is curious by nature and believes that a work should be allowed to develop organically and grow by itself. G.C. Pettersen's work Experimental: From Abstract, and From Reality, Meadow was an experiment focusing on the process.

G.C. Pettersen is often interested in wild plants, sticks, leaves, and organic shapes, such as the paintings in Art Gallery Linn are examples of. The artist is inspired by nature's cycle of germination, living, withering and decomposition.

“I think of painting and drawing as an ever-evolving relationship, it is an exploration, and I do not know exactly what the path it takes will be.

"Working from life is an expansive experience of investigating and discovering new things about what I see, and about the medium I am using. Perhaps all things done from life are both an impression, and an expression. I look out at the world and take it in, but it also goes through me, and only becomes a painting together with my choices, how I am saying something, and how I am experiencing something."

G.C. Pettersen is from Mandal and educated at The Florence Academy of Art in Sweden. G.C. Pettersen has participated in many group exhibitions and juried exhibitions in Sweden and in several countries in Europe, such as Spain and England.