Ratko Drezgic

Ratko Drezgic (b. 1977) was born in Croatia and has lived and worked in Serbia for the past 20 years. Drezgic was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade. He was apprenticed to the famous Serbian painter Milorad Stanojev Sirajski.

Ratko Drezgic has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Serbia and Southern Europe, and he has painted many public decorations in Serbia. He is a member of several artists' colonies in Serbia and abroad. Drezgic has worked as the director of Gallery Esther in the Serbian city Novo Sad (the second largest city in Serbia). He is currently a board member of The Artists' Association in Novi Sad.

Drezgic has also published a book about learning to paint with different watercolor techniques in Argentina, and he was an artistic advisor in the project Slozilica where he helped develop an advanced self-didactic game.

Art Gallery Linn is the first art gallery in Norway to exhibit Drezgic's paintings.